Warehousing service

If you need space to store your supplies, this service is for you.
We offer a warehousing service that includes:
1. Storage of products in our warehouse.
2. Packing parcels.
3. Distribution according to regions.
The storage tariff depends on the volume of the products and the duration of storage.

he word “arrangement” carries a range of meanings, all centered around the idea of order, planning, or putting things together. Here’s a breakdown of its key uses:  დასაწყობება,  საწყობი

Organization: This is the most general sense. It refers to the way things are positioned or structured. You might rearrange the furniture in a room for better flow, or discuss the seating arrangement for a dinner party. დასაწყობება,  საწყობი

Planning and Preparation: This applies to making things ready for an event or activity. For instance, travel arrangements involve booking flights and hotels, while preparing for a presentation requires arranging your slides and notes.  დასაწყობება,  საწყობი

Agreement or Settlement: An arrangement can also be an informal understanding or pact between people. This could be anything from childcare arrangements with a neighbor to a political power-sharing arrangement. დასაწყობება,  საწყობი

Composition (especially in music): In music, an arrangement is a new version of an existing piece, adapted for a different set of instruments or voices. This might involve changing the harmony, adding new melodies, or even modifying the structure of the composition. დასაწყობება,  საწყობი
Here are some additional points to consider:

The word “arrangement” can be used with both countable and uncountable nouns. For example, you can talk about “a flower arrangement” (countable) or “the arrangement of furniture” (uncountable).

In some contexts, “arrangement” can have a more specific meaning. For instance, in finance, a financial arrangement might refer to a loan agreement or investment plan.

I hope this explanation provides a good overview of the different ways “arrangement” can be used. If you’d like to delve deeper into a specific aspect of arrangements, like music arrangements or floral arrangements, just let me know!