GD Service - Courier Service

Georgian courier service. Fast and high-quality delivery of any kind of products to any district of Tbilisi and its surroundings, with costumer oriented prices.

Cost of courier service, standard rates:

Delivery up to 5 kilograms
in the main districts of Tbilisi
Place the order before 12 pm the day before
Pick up the parcel by 12:00 the next day
Delivery on the same day of collection

6 Gel

საკურიერო მომსახურება

Courier service. Place the order:

*In order to place an order, it is necessary to write us the data of both the sender and the recipient and information about who pays the courier fee (the recipient’s data must also be written on the parcel)

Local delivery services offer a convenient way to have items delivered directly to your door, usually within your city or area. They are faster than traditional shipping methods and can be a great option for both businesses and individuals.

There are different types of local delivery services. On-demand services like Roadie or GoShare connect you with drivers who can pick up and deliver your items on short notice, often the same day. Other services, such as some courier companies, offer scheduled delivery within a specific window.

Local delivery benefits both the business and the consumer. Businesses can expand their reach and offer faster delivery options than the competition. Consumers can enjoy the convenience of home delivery, especially for bulk items or groceries.

Finding a local delivery service is easy. National companies often operate in your area, or you can look for local couriers or couriers. Prices may vary depending on the size, weight and urgency of your delivery.